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TROLLS, the series that reveals the real faces behind virtual identities.


Trolls are everywhere, but we never see them. These figures polarise opinions and fascinate in equal measure: to some, they’re the scourge of our online interactions; to others, they embody the freedom of the internet. And yet no one has ever seen a troll’s face. We don’t even know what they look like, let alone how many of them there are or what motivates them.
The documentary series TROLLS offers an unusual and unprecedented journey into one of the grey areas surrounding our freedom of expression online.


In collaboration with director Alexandre Pierrin, NŌBL came up with a graphic design echoing the author’s vision: to go against the clichés, to meet these figures on camera.
We adopted the same wrong-footing approach from a graphic perspective. Our design is minimalist and sober, at times with flirting elegance; quite the opposite of the online images of memes and other oddities produced by the trolls. Only a few glitches adorned with Comics Sans MS (the trolls’ preferred typeface) have been included to remind us of the irreverent and sometimes irritating nature of these Internet troublemakers.


Réalisation :
Alexandre Pierrin

Design :
Cyril Izarn

Animation :
Cyril Izarn & Valentin Nouvel

Montage étude de cas :
Julien Nantiec

Production :
Urbania & Talweg

Diffusion :
France Télévisions

Equipe Technique :
Monteur – Antoine Kerninon
Chef opérateur – Emile Darves-Blanc
Images additionnelles – Sébastien Roche
Ingénieur du son – Marc Parazon
Son additionnel – Nicolas Mazet & Nassim el Mounabbith
Régisseur – Nicolas Gru & Clément Ducourty
Directrice de production – Fanette Martinie
Enquêtrice – Camille Baron
Compositeur Interprète – Frédéric Roux
Musicien – Robin Winckler
Etalonneur – Martin Vignali
Mixeur – Olivier Roche



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