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Secours Populaire Français

A manifesto to come together and take action


Secours Populaire Français is an association that works for a fairer and more united world by enabling everyone to become empowered and to find their place as citizens, regardless of where they live, work or study.
Although the role of the association may seem self-evident, its members recently made an observation: it is difficult to put your finger on exactly what the Secours Populaire identity consists of. In other words, what differentiates it from other associations? What is its trademark? This issue was hotly debated – almost as many different definitions were put forward as there are Secours Populaire volunteers!
As a result, a brand platform project was launched to define and communicate the true values and missions behind the activities of
Secours Populaire Français.



In order to raise awareness of the new values that drive Secours Populaire, NŌBL has created an introductory film that serves as a manifesto where the human being takes centre stage.
It is a clearly delivered, spirited and generous rallying call, but also an appeal for action.
We have chosen the voices of Daphné Burki, godmother of Secours Populaire, and Nicolas Duvauchelle to embody these values and to be the spokespersons of all those involved in the association’s work. 
From a graphic perspective, the presence of the human hand is felt throughout: the illustrations are imperfect, strewn with imperfections. Without graphic distinction, several different characters take turns to drive the story forward. They are all equal, they are the volunteers. They work together on various projects, such as the creation of a collaborative garden or efforts to reduce the digital divide.
The final film delivers the Secours Populaire message to as many people as possible, with the aim of bringing people together and reducing poverty and insecurity.





Creative direction:
Cyril Izarn & Julien Nantiec

Timothée Chevalier

Maxime Lacombe

Florent Tailhades, Alix Roca

Editing & Compositing:
Julien Nantiec, Cyril Izarn

Music & sound design:
Mars octobre music

Daphné Burki & Nicolas Duvauchelle

All that is human is ours
A helping hand, not handouts
Everywhere, we are taking action on the ground

Vitality - V-HIVE

Dominate a new world