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Bequests, or how to hand down your possessions: a major fund-raising campaign based on two personal stories


A “bequest” is a legal act by which one person transfers to another, known as the “beneficiary”, a right or one or more assets in his or her possession. With a view to developing the potential that bequests present as a financial resource, several years ago Secours Populaire established a multi-channel communication plan and two radio adverts: one on bequests and one on life insurance.
Secours Populaire is now looking to strengthen this campaign by creating two animated films to be shown on TV, through social media and on adverts broadcast via the on-demand services of certain channels.



Once again, Secours Populaire entrusted NŌBL with the task of raising public awareness about bequests and encouraging people to take the necessary action. NŌBL wished to highlight the human element through two animated films that take the form of personal accounts, reflecting as closely as possible the reality and concerns of the people involved. 
We hear the story of Marie-Claire, an endearing elderly lady who is keen to bequeath her estate to Secours Populaire because she trusts it and shares its values. Pierre, on the other hand, is a proud entrepreneur with a successful garage business. He would like to name Secours Populaire as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. 
The human element is at the very heart of these stories. The narrative, the artistic direction and the illustrations are all soothing and authentic. The concept of death is dealt with in a poetic and positive way in order to reassure and convince as many people as possible. Those who are most in need will therefore stand to benefit from a new outpouring of generosity.





Creative direction:
Cyril Izarn & Julien Nantiec

Timothée Chevalier

Maxime Lacombe

Florent Tailhades, Xavi Siria

Editing & Compositing:
Julien Nantiec, Cyril Izarn

Music & sound design:
Mars octobre music

"I give to Secours Populaire because I trust them."


“To carry on doing good, even when I'm no longer around.” Pierre
You can give happiness, but you can also hand it down.


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