A transmedia experience


a_BAHN & Camera Talk Productions

Direction, design & animation
Julien & Cyril

Character design & animation
Jakub Szczesniak


Teaser for a musical documentary transmedia project on arte, which empowers people in sampling the world they live in as a playful tribute to cultural remix.

The Soundhunters project is a transmedia experience made of interactive documentaries and digital tools (desktop + mobile/tablet app) provided to the audience for sampling their own environment, playing with a worldwide “field recording” sound bank and creating their own musical reality.

By collecting sounds and chopping them in small units, by tagging them to keep their initial context / meaning, and remixing all in one place… users will be able to create their proper grammar, their proper language. The SOUNDHUNTERS project is an attempt to turn sampling into a kind of cultural human footprint and a basis for a new universal language. A musical one. It’s a way to put people back at the heart of electronic music.